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Blog2Cart is planning to launch a portal for the benefit of researchers to pick their research products and we help you catalogue the research products based on your need.

Life Science and Biotechnology companies were among the unexplored sector that can tap the potential of e-commerce model.

However, launching an electronic catalog of research products and the shopping experience are not enough,when it comes to research field. Online purchase of research chemicals, research consumables and laboratory equipment needed for the biotech research community is soon made easy.

Blog2cart.com aims to understand the possibility of implementing an effective e-commerce strategy for the biotechnology and life science sector and this helps us to understand how well the e-commerce model for life science and biotechnology sector may perform in India.

The current practice with the academic institutes in India does not seem to be encouraging for the research to purchase research materials online.
We are in the process of developing a custom e-commerce model that may well be adopted to any academic institutes facilitating online purchase easy for any research student or research scientists in India.

We invite and encourage all the research scholars from the life science and biotechnology stream to subscribe to www.blog2cart.com and share their ideas for the development of a simplified eCommerce model. This will help research students, Scientists, staffs and post graduates find their research accessories online with a detailed e-catalog.

We are also working on the development process to improve logistics system for delivering the research goods on time to the researchers.
Time bound completion of experiments is crucial for any research. We know it!

Biotechnology and Life science research is made easy now.

We value your feedback, comments and ideas for www.blog2cart.com smile emoticonIf this is your first blogging too ? Then start blogging with us.

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